Growing up in a family with 11 children, Bryan Haggerty was a young man who appreciated all he had being raised in the Irish Channel area of New Orleans.
That appreciation for his life hasn’t changed since moving to St. Tammany Parish in 1997. And protecting the quality of life on the North Shore is a key motivation in why he wanted to become the Slidell City Court judge.
“We live a blessed life in St. Tammany Parish,” he said. “Most people are law-abiding citizens and must be protected by a judicial system that treats people fairly, but ensures there are consequences for those who don’t obey the laws.”
Haggerty won election in November to become the next judge for the Slidell City Court, which covers most of eastern St. Tammany. As he prepares to take office on Jan. 1, 2020 he is keenly aware of the importance to be fair, but still be unafraid to make difficult rulings…read more

Protecting law-abiding citizens a priority
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